During the existence of our company we were faced with very diverse tasks, for which the use of conventional computers or was technically impossible or excessively expensive. In the course of their implementation we have developed solutions based on Atmel AVR microprocessor manufactured by Atmel. Developed on the basis of this device have the following properties:
  • Miniature - chip sizes allow to make the device a few centimeters in size
  • The low cost - the cost of microcontrollers from 0.5 $
  • Reliability and endurance - the range of operating temperatures and pressures allows you to work in the toughest conditions.
  • Extremely low power consumption - milliamps and with new technology and picoPower microamps, can work stand-alone devices for years on batteries.
  • Flexibility - for each task you can select the optimal model of the microcontroller.
  • Scalability - nobody forbids to use the device several microcontroller or devices to communicate with each other.
  • Integrability - devices are able to communicate to exchange information with the outside world through a variety of interfaces -. USB / COM / GSM / LAN , etc. Also, a variety of chips and sensors can be added to the device itself.
  • Programmability - microcontroller - a miniature computer that are written in a variety of programs.
And since the development of the device from beginning to end is carried out by us, the list is endless. Computational power microcontrollers allow you to write to them quite voluminous programs to solve complex problems. By using these technologies we are able to get as a result is desired device, without redundant functions, to minimize costs.
Well, here's an example of one of the most basic of our devices having a USB interface with the computer: