Devices history

The battery monitoring system

A complex consisting of a plurality of control job parameters (voltage, current, temperature) devices. The collected data via GSM module are transmitted to the server. Monitoring is carried out on the WEB site that allows you to remotely monitor a large number of objects. It is possible to specify the boundary parameters for triggering alerts and alarms.

Counter opening doors (electronic seal)

The device was built to control the number of door opening (NC trigger sensor). Displays the number of operations on the LCD screen. Features of the device - very low energy consumption.

Poll state - control of the device via SMS

The device has been developed for remote control and management of irrigation system. You can send a request to find out whether included watering, and sent a certain code can turn it on or off. Interactions with the managed device, 0-5 V signal. Device features - protection with dynamically generated control codes.

Management of welding machine

The device welding machine control - configuration of the operation sequence diagram of broaches and welding signals and their subsequent repetition of one "pedal". Device features - dustproof moisture-punch-jamming design. 2 and 3 the cascade model producing welding in several steps designed to reduce peak electric energy consumption.


Устройство управления сварочным станком - конфигурация циклограммы срабатывания протяжек и сигналов на сварку и их последующее повторение по одной "педали". Особенность устройства - пыле-влаго-ударо-помехозащищенное исполнение.
Для уменьшения пикового потребления электроенергии разработаны 2-х и 3-х каскадные модели, производящие сварку в несколько этапов.
Руководство пользователя -
Модели блоков управления для сварочного станка
Наименование Кол-во управляемых трансформаторов  
СТАН-3.1 1
СТАН-3.2 2
СТАН-3.3 3

Возможна разработка устройства управления для станков любой специализации по техническим требованиям заказчика.


On the basis of several prototypes Atmel AVR processors made cardiographs - 3,6,12 channel. Analog part cardiographs performed on Maxim element base. The device connects to the computer via usb. Measurements up to 800 p / sec with an accuracy of 12 bit. Data transfer from the cardiograph to the computer is carried out by fiber-optic cable that guarantees the safety of the patient. Examples plain measurements (without intelligence) -