Create installations

Every software developer sooner or later faces the problem of the spread of its product.
At first glance, which can be a problem if the entire software product consists of a single executable file. But even in this case, it is desirable to analyze the environment in which the product will operate: OS version, the presence of certain drivers, the availability of .NET platform and version, and much more.
But if the software product has a solid structure, the number of conditions for the configuration and operation of this system greatly increases.
We have experience creating automated installation systems even large distributed systems, the structure of the premises and client workstations on the platform of Windows, server products and MS SQL Server basing on a separate server, and server products MS IIS with basing on a separate server.
For best results, we use the technology of Microsoft Windows Installer, which allows more closely and professionally to integrate with products for running ОС Windows.
On personal experience we want to note that the work on the deployment of software systems is very interesting and time consuming. Therefore, we are pleased to help our customers achieve the desired result.