Microsoft Technologies

Our company is a partner of Microsoft from 2006 year. this partnership allows us to save time and money, to expand its capabilities, improve customer service and to establish the necessary connections for a full disclosure of our company building. we can maximize the use of its unique experience, get support at all stages of the business cycle. the greater our contribution to the partnership with the corporation Microsoft the more valuable benefits we get.
What it gives our customers?
Due to official relations, we are the owners of not only legal and licensed software. This gives us the confidence to guarantee our performance and responsibility to our customers. However, we aim to further and fully accountable to the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights"
The partnership also requires us to be constantly "on the crest of" the latest technology that allows our customers to be always "above" their competitors.
Why Microsoft, rather than a free and open source software?
There are many opinions on this subject. However, we have to develop a clear statement - ответственность. And this explains the completeness of all the free technology when it comes to these productive systems. Find at least one free system with the same freedom or free support for commercial use!
Trends in the global software market development dictate their conditions. And all the obvious fact erasing the boundaries between applications for the desktop and services over the internet. Our company was originally positioned as a systems developer focused on WEB. For the realization of the projects we use technology Microsoft IIS. This gives a number of indisputable advantages:
  • Software Installation - Our clients are not burdened with any installation / setup or purchase licenses.
  • Update - Our customers always have the latest version. No problems with the new software version mismatch with the data previously stored. This is especially close to the users of accounting systems.
  • Independent of the target platform - the software can be used both on ОС Windows and other operating systems.
  • Independence from the target hardware - software can run on large desktop PCs, and mobile devices, and modern phones.
  • Available on - Necessary software is available to customers not only in the office, but wherever there is access to the Internet.
Over the past 20 years, the digital content market has gone from the appearance of the first carriers with digital information to mass digital distribution sites on the Internet. There is no doubt that the sale of digital content on the digital channels will also be decisive for the development of the content market in the future. Digital content - a set of informative and entertaining materials distributed in digital form via communication channels to be used in digital devices such as a computer, mobile terminal, specialized devices. Digital content can be presented in genres such as games, video, audio or text.
To work with large volumes of information flow requires powerful processing and storage of information. These are the database management system. Our company uses the technology Microsoft SQL Server This is an information platform that provides confidence in the reliability of business-critical systems when working with data and characterized by increased availability, high performance and improved functionality in terms of security for mission critical workloads; advanced analysis with controlled self-study data and stunning interactive data visualization capabilities.
In the end, it would be desirable to note that all of these technologies are ready for Microsoft's implementation of the "cloud" technologies.